Winter 2013 Collection By Imperial Motion

Imperial Motion is a lifestyle brand based in Tacoma WA. Th eidea on which their brand is based is: Never established…. Always evolving. Right from the day we start understanding life, we are taught to become something, grab hold of that identity and never let go; establish yourself in this world and be remembered for that one thing. But have you ever thought of letting go of what tied you all these years and change your way of life and then change it again? It would be like being reborn once again and reinventing yourself in new lights and surprising those who thought they know you well. Unpredictability is the biggest thrill of life; live it. Keep evolving instead of living in the same old shell you were gifted since birth.

This company began when founders Eric, Steve and Spencer wanted to turn their “what if” to “let’s do it” giving life to what was just their mere thought at teenage and Imperial Motion was formed. They were completely amateur to the world of clothing productions, with no industry connections and just with a bunch of credit cards to begin with. That was the right beginning of a new life for a talented bunch of school drop-outs. Right from the first day, they have always been about a blind pursuit of their passion and a vision of what the brand would become someday. It’s the same pursuit of an imperial standard that remains their driving force till date.

When all around them were thinking they were going just crazy on a mere dream of becoming a recognized brand, they happily embraced the label of being underachievers so much so that behind every label are the words representing the underachievers as a reminder that if you don’t follow your dreams you can never achieve them in reality. They are still chasing their dreams with success all the way. Below are some of their tee designs for Winter 2013:

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